Learning Moderation

I struggle with moderation.  I am excellent at none at all, but horrible with “just a little.” Once I have one, my willpower goes out the window.  I have found a couple tricks that are helping me to get better:

Avoiding the “Whole Package”

For things that don’t come in single serving packages, like girl scout cookies or chips/crackers/etc., I use little baggies to separate the portions and I never get more than one portion out of the pantry/fridge/freezer at a time.  If have have to get up to go get another one, that is usually enough time for me to talk myself out of it.  If it is sitting on the coffee table in front of me, it’s much easier to say “just one more.”

Work/Party Treats

If there is a treat at work or a party, I tell myself that I can have one as I am leaving.  It’s a great way to make sure the I am not tempted to have more than one and sometimes they are gone by that time, so I don’t end up having any at all.

Just Okay

I am also learning the value of things that are “just okay”.  For example, I like to have a protein/fiber bar before I run.  There are some that are terrible, some that are great and some that are just okay.  I buy the ones that are just okay, because I can have a whole box of them in my pantry/office/car and I am not in danger of eating more than one.  They do their job, giving me energy and keeping me from feeling starved at the end, but they are not so great that I want to eat more.

If you have any tips or tricks to help with moderation, I would love to hear them…

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  1. Thanks for the great tips

  2. Here’s how I stop eating things that are in front of me. I have a problem with eating several portions of things I think are tasty. So I’ll get up and fix myself another serving. When I’m eating mindfully, as soon as I take the bite and chew the tasty thing that was so good a minute ago and is a little boring all of a sudden I spit it out and my body automatically throws the rest of the dish away and stores a little memory that the first serving was good; the second serving not so much so don’t go there.

    • That is a great idea. In addition to mentally throwing food away, I have become more comfortable with physically throwing food away as well. For example, if I am craving a “bad” snack, I have started letting myself have enough of it to get rid of the craving, then throwing the rest away so I am not tempted to have more. Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy just two bites of something?

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