So I Decided to Keep Going…

Sunday is my long-run day.  Right now that means five miles.  My race is getting closer, a little more than a month left to train.  This week I decided that it was a probably a good idea for me to start running my long-runs in the morning, because my race is in the morning.  Working out in the morning is difficult for me; my body just does not appreciate waking up and getting moving on that level.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find an evening race, so morning it is.

I woke up this Sunday and it was very foggy, so I figured that at the very least, it wouldn’t be a hot run.  After about two miles it started raining and I love to run in the rain.  It feels cleansing to my soul.  I ran along the lake and made it through my hills without much trouble.  As I was nearing my five-mile mark I realized that I wasn’t tired or sore, so I decided to keep going.  I ended up running six and a half miles and I could have gone further, but I was already late for the rest of my day.

It was very exhilarating to realize that I had run my 10k.  I feel confident that I won’t have any problem on race day.  I know that my body can do it, and it feels amazing to say that.

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