How Can I Be THIS Hungry???

I could not stop eating today.  It started in the car on my way to work.  I usually have a banana and a cup of coffee when I get to the office, but I ate my banana in the car this morning…  ate lunch a little earlier than usual…  had my carrots about an hour later…  ate both an apple and an orange about an hour after that…  by 3:00 pm all my food was gone and I was still hungry!  I even ran across the street to the coffee shop to get a small pack of goldfish crackers; thinking that maybe I needed some kind of “snack” item to make myself feel full.  As I was eating the crackers, I looked over and noticed that my water bottle was empty.  I went to fill it up and realized that I hadn’t had anything to drink since my cup of coffee this morning.  AAAAHHHHHH!!!!  I wasn’t hungry, I was THIRSTY.  Two bottles of water later, the “hunger” I had felt all day was gone.  It’s so strange how we can misinterpret the messages our body sends to us.

So, as I remind myself, I’ll remind you…  If you find yourself with an insatiable hunger, try a little water, maybe you’re just thirsty…  🙂

I’m including a couple of articles I read recently about mindful eating and teaching yourself to be a slow eater, both are things I can use a little work on:

How to Become a Slow Eater

Mindful Eating


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