But I Don’t Wanna Go…

Wednesday night is hot yoga night for me.  Last night it was so warm and humid, I was tired and I just didn’t feel like going.  My class is from 7:30-9:00, so I just stay and work late those nights.  It doesn’t make any sense for me to drive home and drive all the way back to the yoga studio.  I left work around 7:00 and had an entire conversation in my head about whether or not I was going to class.  Good Me:  You already stayed late, you’ll lose the credit for the class, you need the stretch, you’ll feel guilty…  Bad Me:  It’s already hot, you’re tired, you’re getting up early to run in the morning…  The studio is directly on my way home, so either way I was going to drive right past it.  In the end, I decided to go to class and I am so glad that I did.  We have a new instructor and last week was my first class with her.  Her classes are a little more fast-paced than I am used to, but I really enjoy her personality, so I am adjusting.  Last night, she taught two hot classes in a row, so she was a little tired and our class was more of the pace I am used to.  Holding positions longer, stretching deeper.  It was great.  I was so happy that I went and my run was much easier this morning because I had such a good stretch last night.

As an aside, part of what makes my new instructor great is the above-and-beyond mentality that she has.  As a service provider, I am an above-and-beyond person, so I recognize and appreciate that trait in others.  During the cool down portion of our practice, when we are laying on our mats in corpse pose (completely relaxed), she comes around to each person and helps us to stretch our neck, relax our jaw and she rests her thumb between our eyebrows to help relax our facial muscles.  I am certain that she doesn’t get paid any more than any other instructor at the studio for performing this small task for each of us, but just that 30 seconds of personal attention makes her class stand out.

I strive to provide stand out service in my professional life and as I continue to make the commitment to live a healthy life, I am also committing to finding ways to be a stand out friend, sister and daughter.



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