Exactly The Way You Are…

I read a great story from the Huffington Post today, “Learning To Love The Body You Have Now” By Susan Liddy.  This is something that I talk about all the time, not waiting.  Not waiting to love yourself, not waiting to feel beautiful, not waiting to make changes, not waiting…  I spent years not loving myself, needing some “thing” to happen before I would be worthy or ready or able to start.  None of us is perfect and honestly, I think our imperfections may actually be the best things about us.  They make us real and approachable and empathetic.

The idea that any of us would be willing to give up a year of our lives in order to achieve the “perfect body” or would rather give up sex for the summer than gain 10 lbs is atrocious.  One of the biggest keys to success in anything is a positive attitude.  Love yourself exactly the way you are.  Recognize your strengths, not just your weaknesses.  When you believe in yourself, you can achieve amazing things.  If there is something in your life that you want to change:  your health, your career, your habits, etc; the first thing you have to do is tell yourself that you can.

  • Be confident
  • Set realistic short-term, mid-range and long-term goals
  • Celebrate even the small victories
  • Know that you will slip along the way, but that doesn’t mean give up
  • Give yourself as much positive feedback as negative
  • Be proud that you decided to make a change, most people only talk about change

Love yourself the way you are right this second.  Know that you don’t have to wait for anything.  Believe in yourself.

If you would like to read Susan Liddy’s article, I have attached it below:

Learning To Love The Body You Have Now


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  1. It’s really hard to break the habit of belittling yourself for being fat. I mumble to myself all too often that I am fat or I feel fat fat fat or that I am a fatty. As soon as I do this, I try to say just the opposite…like I look great. but then, I feel like I am lying because…I still feel kind of fat. I’m afraid the only progress that I have made is that I no longer feel really fat and that on a rare occasion I think I look pretty good.

    • What if you take the fat or great out of it… If you look at yourself and say I love myself just the way I am… It’s not to say that you can’t have goals or plans to change, but know that your value comes from inside, not outside…

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