Feels Like Summer…

I decided to switch things up this morning; I was getting bored with the course of my 3-mile run.  Rather than run through the city streets, I mapped out a course along the lake, including an off-road hill and some stairs.  It was definitely a more challenging workout, but having the lake view made it really enjoyable.  I watched the beachfront boot camp as I ran past and it reminded me of how excited I am for my summer fitness line-up.  I start my outdoor hula hooping class on Thursday and I have committed to hula hooping in the GermanFest Parade at the end of July.  I start my beach yoga class on Saturday.  My race is just around the corner; 10k on July 10th.  The sailing season has started and I am trying to get out on the water every weekend.  I am wait listed for the Dirty Girl Run in August and will be volunteering for the 5k mud-run regardless of whether or not I get to participate.  And just in case I have any extra energy, my 6-year-old god-daughter has learned to ride a bicycle and she is begging me to take her out on the weekends.  As you can see, it was not difficult for me to fill the summer with fun ways to get outside and exercise, I hope you can do the same.

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