What Makes You Feel Good?

Sorry I have been M.I.A., I caught strep throat.  Which is crazy, especially in the summer, but what can you do.  I spent most of the last few days sleeping, but I am back and feeling great.  I missed a couple running days, which made me nervous while I was sick, but I don’t feel weak now and I am ready to run in the morning.

While I was laid up, I had a chance to read a couple of my favorite blogs, and I came across a great post on Fit Bottomed Girls:  Top 10 Weight-Loss Lessons Learned.  I recommend reading them all, but the one that struck me the most was:  Eating Whatever I Want Does Not Make Me Feel Good. 

I have had a hard time putting that idea into such a succinct phrase.  Yes, nothing is off limits, I am the master of my own fate and I can eat whatever I want.  And sometimes, I choose fast food.  And I usually think I am going to enjoy it so much, when instead it’s not really that good and I feel guilty about eating it.  Eating good food make me feel good.  I think healthy food tastes good.  I love to cook and play with herbs and spices.  It makes me feel good to know that I am eating things that are good for me, that I can enjoy the flavor of and not feel guilty about.  It makes me feel good to finish a tough workout.  It makes me feel good to see and feel my body becoming stronger and more healthy.  What makes you feel good?

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  1. I thought eating key lime pie for breakfast this was a splendid idea. I found the recipie on the back of a lime juice bottle and it seemed easy to bake, and was. I am now suffering from a major sugar crash, ugh….never doing that again. Finding the time to make a delicious dinner and eating it with a loved one or friend is what makes me feel good. I was able to do this the other night. I even set the table and lit a candle. We ate lamb chops, black bean soup and cilantro rice. It was wonderful!!

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