Dress Rehearsal




I ran a 5k over the weekend; as a warm-up for my race this weekend.  It was just a fun run, but I was so glad that I decided to do this race because it reminded me of a few very important things:



  • First, I am only ever racing against myself.  It doesn’t matter where I place, it only matters whether or not I meet my own goals.
  • Second, many people start WAY too fast.  As I was quieting the voices in my head (you’re going to finish in last place, etc.)  I remembered that I would likely be passing some of them down the road, when they had to start walking.  And that is exactly what happened.
  • Third, what you do the night before your race matters.  I will not be staying up until midnight and scrambling around in the morning on Sunday.  I will be getting a good night’s sleep, have all of my “stuff” ready for the morning and enjoy my cup of coffee before heading down to the park.


There is a reason people have dress rehearsal.


As a side note, I was wholeheartedly impressed by the number of kids who were running this weekend.  I wish I would have learned how to enjoy running (or any other regular exercise) as a child.  My god-daughter watched my race this weekend and she wants to start practicing with me so we can run together next year!

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