Race Day… (Update)

So, I got an email from the organizers of Summerfest today.  They have decided to offer a partial refund to all participants of the Rock ‘n Sole run.  They are giving us three options:

1.  $15.00 refund

2.  $15.00 donation to Ronald McDonald Charities (the beneficiary of the race proceeds)

3.  Do nothing (money will go to race costs and Ronald McDonald Charities, as originally planned)

Additionally, regardless of the choice made above, we are entitled to a 20% discount on registration for next year, and two additional any-day passes to Summerfest.

It makes me feel better to know that a meaningful apology is being made.  I do not intend to take a refund.  I know that it is expensive to put races together, and it was never about the money for me.  I am glad to be offered a discount on registration for next year.  I think that next year’s race is likely to be outstanding, in an attempt to erase the memories of this year’s race.  And the extra passes to Summerfest are just a bonus, thank you.

As I have more time to think about my experience this year, I realize that I am partially responsible.  I should have brought my own water.  I knew that there were a large number of people registered to run and I should have anticipated that water could be a problem.  I am not saying that I think the organizers are blameless, but I can accept responsibility for looking out for myself.  I will not make that mistake again.  I hope that next year, the organizers and I both get it right, and we can enjoy the event the way we should have this year.


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