The best part of my day was this morning, when I felt like Jillian Michaels didn’t actually have to kick my butt in order for me to finish my workout…

Progressively, this day has made me wish for a “skip” button…  I’m already on tomorrow…

I have mentioned this before, but one of my favorite children’s books is Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  Alexander is fairly certain that his life would be better in Australia.  Today, I am certain that my life would be better in Tahiti…



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  1. Oh thank you! Yes, I am feeling like a tropical island would be just the medicine! Especially since in a few I have to take off and drive 45 minutes on directions and then turn about and drive back! LOL Did I mention that is pouring down rain here today? I love the rain when I don’t have to walk in it or drive in it! Otherwise it is awesome to hear falling on the roof.

    Peace and Harmony

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