Forms Of Torture…

There are very few experiences I find more grueling than swimming suit shopping.  Honestly, it was easier when I was heavier, because the “big girl” suits are at least supportive.  Now, it is next to impossible for me to find a swimming suit that fits my chest and my butt together, or either of them separately.  This weekend I spent 8 hours at 3 different malls.  I probably tried on 150 swimming suits.  I purchased ZERO swimming suits.

I leave in a week, for an eight-day trip to the British Virgin Islands.  I have one swimming suit, I found it last year and I love it.  It’s a black one-piece and I could buy another one exactly like it, but I would like some variety.  It does not even come in any other colors.  I also have a “top” that I bought last year, but I cannot find a bottom that both fits and matches.  We will be on a sailboat, so there is no laundry service and I will need more than one suit for the trip.

I have a few more options, there are a couple of outlet malls near me and I am going to try sporting goods stores…  It is truly depressing to be diligent about working out and eating right, but still have such a hard time finding something that looks good…  #OnwardMarch…

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  1. Booo for swimsuit shopping! The only time I have ever enjoyed it was when I was pregnant and my belly was supposed to be sticking out! 😉 Good luck!

  2. I hate hate hate trying on swimming suits but it’s a bit better now that I am older and find an empire waist one piece suit with a skirt to be acceptable. Good luck!

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