The Fresh 20



If you’re like me, until yesterday, and you haven’t heard of the Fresh 20, then you are missing out.


Taken directly from their website:

Families are bombarded with “products” instead of educated about food.


Or rather the high cost of not being prepared in the kitchen. It was tax time. I added up receipts. I was ashamed. Our busy, unorganized lifestyle had driven us to spend the cost of a brand new car on takeout food.  It wasn’t my fault really. There are so many alternatives to cooking at home.  If I could microwave it in 5 minutes, we ate it.  If  someone delivered it, we ate it.  And yet, at the end of the year, my energy was low and my healthy living defenses were down.  I did what all modern moms do. I went to the Internet well.  There are millions of recipes available. There are dozens of meal planning services. I still could not find what I needed. Everyone wants a quick solution, but I just was not willing to serve mushroom soup casseroles or refrigerator dough to my growing family.

I wasn’t looking for fast and simple. I was looking for  FRESH and simple.

The Fresh 20 is an alternative to food as products.

It’s about buying less and making more. It’s about loading your dinner table with delicious, preservative free food.

It’s about saving that takeout money for something more rewarding than takeout!

What is the Fresh 20?

We are a meal planning service.  Our meal plans rely on simple, healthy and homemade dinners using just 20 fresh, seasonal ingredients per week.  No more grocery lists with 80 items that will eventually go to waste.  Our meal plans are carefully created to utilize everything on the list so you can stop throwing money down the drain. We don’t just grab 5 random recipes and call it a meal plan.  The Fresh 20 mixes and matches a small list of ingredients to create 5 balanced dinners that play off each other.

We include detailed guides to meal prep, original recipes everyone will enjoy (even picky eaters) and motivation to help you stay the course on busy weeknights.

I signed up for a year of menus today and I’ll be checking in periodically to let you know what I think…  🙂


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