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All Good Things Must Come To An End…


I am back from vacation today.  Work was crazy.  My phone refuses to believe that we are home and will only give me the time and weather for Miami…  which is hilarious because the only place I went other than the B.V.I. was San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Ahhh…  I’m just hoping that I keep feeling the rock of the boat for a few more days…  a little something to hold on to…


Soda’s Evil Twin…

Juice ≠ Fruit.

It is always surprising to me that so many people think of “juice” as something healthy to drink.

Yes, fresh squeezed juice in moderation is good for you…  No, most juice from the grocery store is not good for you, it’s mostly sugar water…  Read the label…

Check out these fruit drink facts… Read the rest of this entry

She’s A Sick Girl…

I am so ready to be done being sick.  I went to urgent care yesterday, it turns out I have an upper respiratory infection, an ear infection and a kidney infection.  I haven’t been able to work out with Jillian since Thursday.  I am really disappointed that my body is betraying.  Hopefully my antibiotics will clear all the “sicky” out soon.  I am ready to be ME again…

Willpower Secrets

As I am getting ready to go on vacation (I’ll be spending the second half of this ungodly hot week simmering in a lake up north), I thought I would share this great article on Willpower Secrets from,,20464554,00.html

Seeing as pretty much the whole country is in the middle of a heat wave, I hope you’re finding ways to stay cool…

A Couple Days Off…

I was supposed to start p90x yesterday, but after my race I knew that I would be pushing that day back.  I fully intended to start this morning, but even after a good night’s sleep, I was still exhausted when I woke up.  I think I am going to take a couple days to just relax:  have some wine, read my book and get some sleep.

I have my hula hooping class on Thursday night and I will make my official p90x, 90 day commitment on Friday.

Yay!!! Holiday Weekend!!!

Woo Hoo…  Holiday Weekend!!!  My car is packed and I’m heading home (to my parents’ place) straight from the office.  This will be my first alcohol-free Fourth of July in more than 10 years.  Growing up in small-town Wisconsin, the way that anything is celebrated (holidays, festivals, garage sale weekend) is by erecting a beer tent, inviting a band and playing softball.

 I am excited to be going home.  I plan to spend my weekend swimming, practicing my new hula hoop tricks, and hanging out with friends and family.  I’m hoping for LOTS of fruits and veggies and a LITTLE barbecue and dessert.  I am going to see fireworks every night and I’m running in the fun run (5k) on Monday morning, both of which make me happy.

 I am including links to several healthy, holiday weekend recipe ideas:






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