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Hello Nerves, I’ve Been Expecting You…

So this week is going to pretty much be a “run talk” week.  I am starting to get a little nervous.  Worrying about the weather:  too hot, too still, too windy, storms, etc…  Worrying about the course:  the HILL x 2…  Worrying about some kind of clumsy injury between now and then…  I am running a mile or so either tonight or tomorrow, probably up and down the North Avenue hill a couple times, then I am done running until race day.  I am going to do yoga on the beach on Saturday, which should be a good way to stretch out and relax.  My parents are coming into town on Saturday and we’re planning to go to Summerfest (a big music festival on the lake).  My sister is coming into town tonight on her way to Las Vegas, so hopefully we can relax a little bit this evening.  Just trying to remind myself to breathe and that I will do just fine.

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